Devloper H16

Team Media War Iraqi - EHS

All members of the groups "EHS", are contributing tweeted in English and other languages as well, including Persian, Turkish, Russian, French and others.

"Electronic Hashd al-Shaabi" or what is known as "EHS" educated youth conscious volunteered to support the popular crowd and security forces in the media, publish their news and victories for perpetuating momentum battles & debunking flags Daesh (isis).

They are not a government organization, nor a civil society organization, not even the media network driven, but they are the elite of the Iraqi youth in Twitter and other social networking sites.

Of the highlights of their activities at the Twitter launch "HashTag" supportive of the Iraqi armed forces heroine.

These young heroes, Statistics and iPods "mobile and laptop" revived the Supreme word Iraq, namely the "victory over terrorism," and expose the enemies of Iraq who are standing behind the "terrorist gangs Daesh/isis" and backers and funders them.

 Our Twitter, which is published in English